Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Indivisible: Sharon Sekhon

I am so pleased to present square number 39, another wonderful work created by LA-based educator, historian and good friend Sharon Sekhon:

Hope, photograph, 2016.

This beautiful image says it all. Nothing can renew the mind or the spirit like the amazing colors of the sky during a sunrise or a sunset.  During a tumultuous time, it can be quite grounding. Please keep sending your squares to the Indivisible Project

Monday, February 20, 2017

Indivisible: Janne Larsen's 2D students

I am happy to present square number 38, a striking image created by a high school student in Janne Larsen's 2-D art class at Pilgrim School:

 Humanity, colored pencil on paper, 2016.

The importance of teaching the arts and having art programs available throughout a child's formal education cannot be overstated. And art truly does save lives! I am so very pleased to have young people participating in this project. Please keep sending your squares to the Indivisible Project.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Indivisible: Girl Scout Troop 7126

I am pleased to present square number 37 created by a girl from Kim Hiller Connell's Daisy and Brownie Girl Scout troop of Manhattan, KS:

Water media on paper, 2016.

Such a beautiful work. On a wet, rainy here in Los Angeles, post-Valentine's Day, who doesn't like flowers?  This piece was created by using mark-making implements such as straws, cotton swabs, feathers and other non-conventional tools.  No brushes were used. Please keep sending your squares to the Indivisible Project.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Indivisible: Sharon Sekhon

I am so very pleased to present square number 36 created by lovely Los Angeles friend, arts supporter and terrific teacher, Sharon Sekhon:

Humor, photograph, 2016.

Sharon did wonderful photographs using subjects in and around Los Angeles. Each photograph represents one of the seven themes listed from the original post for the call for art for the Indivisible Project.  I love the image above - the small dog's encounter of the large tortoise makes me smile.  (Their names are Nellie Oleson, the dog, and Gamara, the tortoise.) We definitely need to hold to our sense of humor, especially during trying times. Please keep sending your squares to the Indivisible Project.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Indivisible: Anne Burns

I am pleased to present square 35 created by Anne Burns of the New Haven Friends Meeting stitch group:

Sewing and 3-D elements on fabric, 2016.

This lovely square contains 3-D elements - (2) yin and yang symbol pins and a peace symbol pin. With all of the noise and nonsense occurring and being reported in news and various media sources, we need to remember to hold onto a bit of mental peace and balance in our life, take care of ourselves and focus on what is important to us and where we want to put action in order to see change.  Please keep sending your squares to the Indivisible Project

Friday, February 10, 2017

Indivisible: David Trulli

I am excited to present square number 34 by Los Angeles artist David Trulli:

Custom print of a drawing on fabric, 2016.

David chose Unity for his theme, and he describes this piece as "fence and ivy," noting "...that the ivy grows through the fence and relies on it for support."  In the art world, David is know for his dramatic black and white scratch board works.  You can see these on his website here.  As a former cinematographer, he approaches his subjects from dynamic angles; the contrasts of stark black and white add to the tension and drama enfolding in his work.  I am very honored that he has participated in the Indivisible Project!  Please keep sending your squares.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Indivisible: Holly Boruck

I am very pleased to present square number 33, a beautiful painting created by Altadena artist, Holly Boruck:

Connections, paint on canvas, 2016.

Holly's painting is a reminder of how we are all interconnected. Holly is a multitalented individual - an artist, educator and a curator.  Check out more of her terrific work here:

Holly is also the creator of Surrogate Gallery Projects. Per the website, Surrogate Gallery Projects embraces "...the 'pop-up' format to produce a minimum of two exhibitions a year creating experiences that are unexpected, unique and captivating. Our goal is to develop ongoing relationships with local commercial property owners, community arts organizations and schools as an active member of the Pasadena arts community...."

She has curated the upcoming group show  S+P=A [Systems +Process=Aesthetics] which will open this Saturday, Feb. 11, 6-8pm at 686 E. Union St. Unit 1, Pasadena (located behind Vroman's bookstore.) Click the link for details. 

Please keep sending your squares to the Indivisible Project!