Saturday, April 23, 2016

Razie Razoon

Razie Razoon is another comic that Matt and I worked on together. (Again, he wrote the story, and I drew the images.) This is a brief 2-page story about a human and alien employed as sanitation workers, and it touches on the discrimination that the human encounters in the alien's city. I didn't finish the drawings for the second panel, but the lettering was completed, so the story can still be read.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Elizabeth, Fat Girl

Back in 2003, my husband Matt and I collaborated on a few comic book stories.  He wrote them, and I drew them.  I am a fan of comics, especially off-the-beaten-path stories. As I am not a comic book artist by any stretch of the imagination (drawing and lettering comics takes special skills I have never developed), I only completed one of the stories: Elizabeth, Fat Girl. As you will see, the drawing is stiff.  I borrowed heavily from sources like Daniel Clowes' Ghost World and the Hernandez Brothers' incredible Love & Rockets series.
Below is Elizabeth, Fat Girl: