Saturday, July 11, 2009


Our three person collaborative exhibition Retrospect opens at Lawrence Asher Gallery tonight! The show is looking good, and I think the choices that the three of us made for the layout of the exhibition were good ones. There is a flow to the work placement that guides the viewer through the gallery space.

Untitled (C.C's Hendersonville) back view

Untitled (Redgates, sky view) back view

Molly Barnes stopped by yesterday while Matt and I were preparing to hang my sewn works and she (like me) felt that the backs of the work should be hung outward; this view shows the sewing process along with the paper image ripping and crumbling. As the show is about memory, reflection and fragmentation of things past, the view of the backs of the work reflects this idea. These images of landscapes and structures are bits and pieces of scenes from my home in western NC. Some of these places are in a state of disrepair. The front of the work is more much clean and looks like a traditional embroidered landscape image. Viewers can walk behind the work and see this view also. We hung the pieces clothesline style.

Untitled (Redgates, red cottage) back view

In addition to the sewn works, I also have two installations in the exhibition and one is in the front window:

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Show ready

I'm in the process of installing art for next Saturday's 3-person exhibition, Retrospect, at Lawrence Asher Gallery. We received a nice plug for the show in flavorpill:

Detail of Untitled (Redgates), sewing on khaki scrap fabric and paper, 2009.