Thursday, September 17, 2009


A few images taken on my family's property, Redgates:

And images of some of the surrounding areas near my family's place:

(I think the sign is fantastic.)

Regarding the last two images - my brother and I went riding around on some of the old country roads near our family's place and discovered three houses that were completely overgrown and abandoned. One was just barely visible from the road, so when we went to investigate, we were surprised there were actually three hidden in the overgrowth. We investigated further as one of the basements was wide open.

My brother discovered a stack of several copies of molding old catalogues/year book-type publications advertising an all-girls school from the 1940-50s that our mom and her sister had briefly attended. They weren't pictured in the catalogues as these pre-dated their enrollment there, but it was still kind of weird.


  1. That log bungalow is completely amazing -- and looks to be pretty solid. Fun, fun.

  2. It's funny-after I did a piece about that log gatehouse, my aunt started fixing it up. She and my uncle lived in it years and years ago until they built their own place on the property. So, it's getting some long overdue interest again!