Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'll tell you whut

It's been a while since I last posted. After the show opened, I went back to Hendersonville, NC for over a week and spent time with family and friends. Hendersonville is in the western part of NC in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains near Asheville. It' s a beautiful area. I took a lot of pictures of some of the buildings on Redgates- my family's property, and dilapidated buildings on some of the surrounding country roads. My family runs a seasonal RV park business as well as rents out small summer cottages, but the RV park gets the most action. They've built up their business primarily by word-of-mouth and know most of the folks they rent to very well. The surrounding property is quite beautiful-very natural and not overly manicured like some godawful country club or golf course. I have many strong images that I am currently using in new work I am making now. I'll post some of the snapshots and new works (as these progress) soon.

Also, I'm in the thick of making new pieces for a small solo show in November at a cool little space called Underground Gallery located in Echo Park. Armando Torres is the Director. He's a wonderful, funny, very talented individual, and I'm honored that he wants to have some of my work in his space. The title for the show is Home, Home, Sweet Again. I usually struggle settling on a show title, but this one came to me quickly.

Additionally, I've finally gotten a chance to scan some of the sewn images I had in the July group exhibition, but my website keeps freezing up as I try to add pages, so I'm putting some of the images here.

Untitled (Redgates, sky view) front view
(The back view of this work can been seen in my previous post.)

Untitled (Redgates, red cottage) front view
(The back view of this work can been seen in my previous post.)

Untitled (C.B's garden) front view

Untitled (C.B's garden) back view

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